Canoe rental De Rijnstroom

De Rijnstroom canoe rental, which has become a household name in Utrecht, canoe rental since 1986.

Rental of many different canoes, Canadians, rowing boats, electric boats, sups, scooters and bicycles. Due to our favorable location, you can canoe through the city, or if you prefer the peace and quiet, you choose nature. For the hungry stomachs on the way, we also provide a picnic or lunch. Or choose to join the barbecue on your return. Ideal for, for example, team building, family day, meetings, school outings, children's parties and company outings.

With more than thirty years of experience, we can make it an unforgettable day!

Even the king chooses the Rijnstroom for our canoe rental, why not you!

  • The Rhine stream is closed and will reopen on March 1, 2023.

  • Online reservation is required, reservation can be made via this link.

  • You can cancel or change your reservation free of charge 24 hours in advance. this is not possible on the day itself.

  • 250 canoes in stock.

  • When you make a reservation, look for the possibilities and the sailing routes on our site.

  • Parking after 11:00 in the morning and on Saturdays and Sundays is free.

  • Canoeing through nature, or the city center of Utrecht.

  • You must also be present at the time you book.

  • Fresh fries, and different sandwiches

Night canoe 2022

Experience this unique experience, night canoeing through Utrecht, this year for the 27th year! see the date's

Monday May 16th

Volle maan


3 hrs   

Sunday June 5th



3 hrs    

Tuesday June 14th

Volle maan



3 hrs

Friday June 24th

Zomer tocht


3 hrs    



For more dates and information, click on this link, if you are with 10 people or more, it is possible every day by appointment.

For bikes or scooter rental, click on the link below.

This route is number 1 in the Netherlands! See the image or click on this link: by nature

From the canoe rental, turn left at the T-junction, this will take you straight into nature. You sail through the forest of Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen and past the estate Nieuw and Oud Amelisweerd. Along the way you can choose from one of the three picnic fields along the water or you can have lunch at the Veldkeuken or eat delicious pancakes at teahouse Rhijnauwen. You can also go to restaurant Vroeg for lunch or dinner, this is all within one hour by boat, with an electric boat it goes faster.

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Botenverhuur de Rijnstroom V.O.F. - Weg naar Rhijnauwen 2 - 3584 AD Utrecht
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